Lavender Plants

Misty Valley Farm

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Lavender plants grown locally in Washington. Choose from: Folgate (culinary), Royal Velvet, and Grosso.

Folgate: This English lavender is one of the best oil producers and is considered the best for producing high-yield crops for culinary uses, etc. Folgate is a tiny bush with narrow, small leaves.

Royal Velvet: This variety is a small to medium-sized plant. It is one of the best Lavandula angustifolias. Its deep purple flowers and foliage are highly aromatic. It is a great oil producer and excellent for culinary uses. Royal Velvet is an all-purpose plant that is one of the bestselling lavender plants.

Grosso: Grosso is a commercial, all-purpose plant that is very hardy. Its long stems are excellent for dried bouquets and potpourris. Because Grosso is such a high-yielding plant, it has become the most widely used lavender variety for oil production in the world

4 inch pots and 1 gallon pots


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